Mortadella Pistachio Mortadella
Molinari Pork Mortadella
All pork sausage flavored to perfection with aromatic spices. Two styles: oven baked, 7lb., and cooked in water, 5lb. half-loaf.

Molinari Pork Pistachio Mortadella
All pork sausage with pistachio nuts flavored to perfection with aromatic spices. Oven baked, 7lb.

Two Way Loaf Three Way Loaf
Molinari Two Way Loaf
A combination of Mortadella and Salame Cotto, a delightful blend.

Molinari Three Way Loaf
A spectacular combination of Mortadella, Cooked Coppa, and Salame Cotto.

Galantina Pepper Loaf
Molinari Galantina
A delicious course-ground pork loaf, spiced with wine and pistachio nuts.

Molinari Pepper Loaf
Lean all pork loaf with a hint of garlic, rolled in coarse black pepper.

Cotto Salame Zampino Loaf
Molinari Cotto Salame
All pork Italian style cooked salame, oven baked.

Molinari Zampino Loaf
All pork loaf encased in thin pork skin for additional flavor. Great with lentils.

Beef Tongue Loaf Head Cheese
Molinari Beef Tongue
Corned and moulded into a loaf, cooked to perfection.

Molinari Head Cheese
A choice blend of pork head meat, diced, and cooked with gourmet seasonings.